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Hello, friends

Sometime it takes up to 48 hours to get reward from a advertiser, so in most sutiation your delayed reward will pop up within this timeframe.

Here is the list of actions that need to be done if your reward was not added onto your account after 48hrs delay:

  1. Please describe the situation in details. We need the description for investigation;
  2. Add your referral link (your personal unique link that you are using for invitations of your friends)
  3. Please name the task that for reward is missing
  4. Please send us the screenshot that will be a proof showing that you fulfilled all the task requirements

Please send all the mentioned above via email from any account of your (gmail, hotmail, etc.). Please use the one your are actually reading because our supporting team will replay to you using your email. Please send your email to, and we will respond to you promptly.

In case you did not receive the reward using our Coinsup Android Wallet, please use the button "Missing credits?" within the application or the similar button in the task itself. For all questions regarding app installation and working please send the email to